2008/2/19, David Cournapeau <david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp>:
Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> If you use an installed ATLAS/MKL/... library, I don't know where is
> the problem wit linking with them :|

Atlas is not a problem, because if you know how to build a dll for
ATLAS, you know how to handle environment variable problems. It is not a
purely technical problem, but a combination of both cultural and
technical. I know that if I tell you, Matthieu, to put you library path
in your path, you won't tell me it does not work if the PATH is changed
or something similar. But that's not how most windows users work in my

Now that you provide an installer for Atlas, it may become the same problem as MKL, can't it ?

As for the problem: if you use PATH for dll, you need:
    - to use PATH inside scons, that is polluting the build environment
with a variable you cannot control at all.
    - to add the path of the used libraries into the user environment.
I can imagine many things going wrong in this scenario. And guess who a
user will complain to if something is messed up ? :)

Yes, they will complain to you for sure, but I can't see where dynamic libraries can become a problem :
- are they numpy dlls ? is so there is a problem, I agree with you
- are they external dlls ? If so, the installer must have set up everything so that everything works, but this is where people bark at the wrong people : the users of the dll and not the installers.

You seem to indicate that the problem is the last dlls, am I correct ?

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