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Eric Firing <efiring@hawaii.edu> wrote:

> I'm curious: has anyone been looking into what it would take to enable
> f2py to handle modern Fortran in general?  And into prospects for
> getting such an effort funded?

No need. Use Cython and Fortran 2003 ISO C bindings. That is the only
portable way to interop between Fortran and C (including CPython) anyway.

For my wdmtoolbox I have a f2py wrapped Fortran 77 library.  Works great on Linux, but because of the 'C' wrapper that f2py creates you run into the same problem as Cython on Windows.


I guess if you first find a Windows machine, get it all setup, you may not have to futz with it too much, but I just don't want to do it for such a niche package.  I probably have a handful of users.

So I've been toying with the idea to use ctypes + iso_c_binding.  I could then use MinGW on Windows to compile the code for all versions of Python that have ctypes.  I've tested this approach on a few functions and it works, but far from done.

My $0.02.

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