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A Thursday 27 May 2010 05:52:22 Vincent Davis escrigué:
> How do I determine if an array's (or column in a structured array) dtype is
> a number or a string. I see how to determine the actual dtype but all I
>  want to know is if it is a string or a number.

I suppose that the `.kind` attribute of dtype would help you:

In [2]: s = np.dtype("S3")

In [4]: s.kind
Out[4]: 'S'

In [5]: i = np.dtype("i4")

In [6]: i.kind
Out[6]: 'i'

In [7]: f = np.dtype("f8")

In [8]: f.kind
Out[8]: 'f'

I know about this but the problem is that while the fist example is usable, the others are not great because to know that it is a number I would need to do something like(see below) but I might miss a number dtype, 

def is_number(obj):
    if obj.dtype.kind in ('i', 'f',..):
        return True 

Pierre GM "Check `numpy.lib._iotools._is_string_like`"

This is ok, but I am having problem making it work, I keep getting an error that I am giving it 2 items and it only takes 1. Obviously I think I am giving it 1. This of course tells me if it is string like but not that "is" a number.

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