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Sorry for the late reply... I missed this thread.  Thanks to Ilan for pointing it out.  A variety of comments below...

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Just wondering if this is temporary or the intention is to change the build process? I also note that the *.h files in libndarray are not complete and a *lot* of trailing whitespace has crept into the files.

For the purposes of our immediate project the intent is to use autoconf since it's widely available and makes building this part Python-independent and easier than working it into both distutils and numscons.  Going forward it's certainly open to discussion.

Yes, maintaining multiple build systems is a hassle. I'm wondering if we shouldn't remove the scons stuff and stick with distutils until we definitely decide there is a better way.

Why would you want to remove scons before we settle on a final new way of doing things? It's not that much effort to maintain as far as I'm aware, and more useful (at least to me) than distutils. I don't see a reason not to keep it until we have something that's actually better (hopefully bento).

Actually, I was waiting to see if you liked scons ;) I don't use it myself but I was wondering if you used it for the releases. I agree it will be interesting to see what David comes up with, I think at the moment he likes waf as a build system to use with bento.