I have a suite of fortran code that I compile with f2py and use as a plugin to a python package.  I am using Python v2.7 from Anaconda.  When compiled using numpy v1.11.3 or lower, everything works fine, but if I upgrade to any more recent version I begin running into a runtime error.  Presumably I am just not linking something that needs to be linked, but I'm not sure what library that would be.

The error:

ImportError: .../libstddev_kernel.so: undefined symbol: _gfortran_stop_numeric_f08

Where libestddev_kernel.so is built using this command:
f2py --fcompiler=gnu95 --quiet --opt="-O3" -L. -L/usr/lib  -I. -I.../include -I/usr/include  -m libstddev_kernel -c stddev_kernel/stddev_kernel.f90 config.o

Is there something additional I should be linking to within numpy or my anaconda installation?

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