I am working on issue #7949, and need to use "-3" switch while running python 2.7 for my tests.
python -3 -c "import numpy as np; np.test()"

Several errors are reported and all all of them are DeprecationWarnings, which is ok. (https://travis-ci.org/njase/numpy/jobs/162733502)

But now these errors must be either fixed or skipped. This is where I am facing problem. Pls suggest:

1. Identify that python was invoked with -3 and skip these cases:
There seems no way to know if python was invoked with -3
sys.argv only reports about "-c" and ignores other switches

2. Fix these issues: All of them are about deprecated APIs and new APIs have been introduced in python 3. Since I am using python 2.x, I don't see a way to fix them

What to do?