Stefan, that sketch is more complicated than it needs to be - `np.copy` is a python function, so you can just attach the attributes directly! (although maybe there are implications for static typing)
class CopyFlag(enum.Enum):
    IF_NEEDED = 0
    ALWAYS = 1
    NEVER = 2

np.copy.IF_NEEDED = CopyFlag.IF_NEEDED
np.copy.ALWAYS = CopyFlag.ALWAYS
np.copy.NEVER = CopyFlag.NEVER
It would also work nicely for the `True/False/other` version that was proposed in the much older PR as `np.never_copy`:
class _CopyNever:
    def __bool__(self): raise ValueError

np.copy.NEVER = _CopyNever()

All of these versions (and using the enum directly) seem fine to me.
If we go down the enum route route, we probably want to add "new-style" versions of `np.CLIP` and friends that are true enums / live within a more obvious namespace.


On Mon, 21 Jun 2021 at 17:24, Stefan van der Walt <> wrote:
On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, at 20:46, Gagandeep Singh wrote:
> I have recently joined the mailing list and have gone through the previous discussions on this thread. I would like to share my analysis (advantages and disadvantages) of three possible alternatives (Enum, String, boolean) to support the proposed feature.

Thanks for this thorough analysis, Gagandeep!

I'll throw one more heretical idea out there:

`np.copy.IF_NEEDED`, `np.copy.ALWAYS`, `np.copy.NEVER`.

This has the advantages of the enum, doesn't pollute the global namespace, and has an intuitive name.

`np.array(x, copy=np.copy.ALWAYS)`

It would be slightly more awkward to type, but is doable.  A rough Python version sketch would be:

class CopyFlag(enum.Enum):
    IF_NEEDED = 0
    ALWAYS = 1
    NEVER = 2

class NpCopy:
    IF_NEEDED : CopyFlag = CopyFlag.IF_NEEDED
    ALWAYS : CopyFlag = CopyFlag.ALWAYS
    NEVER : CopyFlag = CopyFlag.NEVER

    def __call__(self, x):
        return ...whatever copy returns...

np.copy = NpCopy()

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