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I might add that if it’s a mandatory part of the protocol, then not all things will work. For example, if XArray and Dask want to support sparse arrays, they’ll need to add an explicit dependency.

I don't follow -- can you please elaborate?

If we make specifying __array_function_types__ a mandatory part -- And such that it is a whitelist, the XArray or Dask would need to import sparse in order to specify that they accept mixing sparse arrays with native arrays (i.e. for adding sparse.SparseArray to __array_function_types__). Which is basically what I mean. It might be a 'soft' dependency, but there will be a dependency nonetheless.

Oh yeah, if we did this then we definitely wouldn't want to make it mandatory. Some `__array_function__` implementations might want to do checking another way, or support different types in different overloaded functions, or be able to handle arbitrary types.