Thanks for providing this. Reference is excellent, especially as I was collecting Fortran and f2py resources, some month ago, and I found nothing similar to answers you expose.

Side by side syntax is just great and intuitive
And rest is...


On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 8:22 PM, Ondřej Čertík <> wrote:

I have recently setup a page about modern Fortran:

and in particular, it has a long section with side by side syntax
examples of Python/NumPy vs Fortran:

I would be very interested if some NumPy gurus would provide me
feedback. I personally knew
NumPy long before I learned Fortran, and I was amazed that the modern
Fortran pretty much
allows 1:1 syntax with NumPy, including most of all the fancy indexing etc.

Is there some NumPy feature that is not covered there? I would like it
to be a nice resource
for people who know NumPy to feel like at home with Fortran, and vice
versa. I personally
use both every day (Fortran a bit more than NumPy).

Or of you have any other comments or tips for the site, please let me
know. Eventually I'd like
to also put there C++ way of doing the same things, but at the moment
I want to get Fortran
and Python/NumPy done first.

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