On 4/26/07, Anton Sherwood <anton.sherwood@gmail.com> wrote:
Travis Oliphant wrote:
> cmp(x,y) must return -1, 0, or 1 which doesn't work on arrays with more
> than 1 element because it is ambiguous.  Thus you get this error.

Ah.  Since lists *can* be compared, I assumed arrays would inherit
that property.

> The operation is undefined.  What do you actually want to do when you
> have equal-valued eigenvalues?

Don't care.

All I really need is the four highest eigenvalues and their vectors.
I'll have a look in "Python Cookbook" to see if there's a more
efficient way to do that partial sort.

I don't think there are any partial sorts available. I think the best approach in this case an argsort on the eigenvalues, followed by a take using the last four resulting indexes would be the way to go.