On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 3:26 PM, Prakash Joshi <> wrote:
Thanks Ben.

Also I did not specified any of BLAS, LAPACK, ATLAS libraries, do we need these libraries for numpy?

"Need", no, you do not "need" them in the sense that NumPy does not require them to work.  NumPy will work just fine without those libraries.  However, if you "want" them, then that is where the choice of Fortran compiler comes in.  Look at the INSTALL.txt file for more detailed instructions.

I simply used following command to build:
  python build
  python install —prefix=/usr/local

If above commands are sufficient, than I hope same steps to build will work on Mac OSX?

That entirely depends on your development setup on your Mac.  I will leave that discussion up to others on the list to answer.

Ben Root