On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 10:26 AM, Sebastian Berg <sebastian@sipsolutions.net> wrote:
Hi all,

in my PR about warnings suppression, I currently also have a commit
which bumps the warning stacklevel to two (or three), i.e. use:

warnings.warn(..., stacklevel=2)

(almost) everywhere. This means that for example (take only the empty


would not print:

RuntimeWarning: Mean of empty slice.
  warnings.warn("Mean of empty slice.", RuntimeWarning)

but instead print the actual `np.mean([])` code line (the repetition of
the warning command is always a bit funny).

The advantage is nicer printing for the user.

The disadvantage would probably mostly be that existing warning filters
that use the `module` keyword argument, will fail.

Any objections/thoughts about doing this change to try to better report
the offending code line? Frankly, I am not sure whether there might be
a python standard about this, but I would expect that for a library
such as numpy, it makes sense to change. But, if downstream uses
warning filters with modules, we might want to reconsider for example.

- Sebastian

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