Hi All,

I have reached the point where I really need to get some sort of optimised/accelerated BLAS/LAPACK for windows 64 so have been trying a few different things out to see whether I can get anything usable, today i stumbled across this:


Has anyone used this before, I plan on seeing where it takes me in the morning, so I will report back if i get it working with numpy.



2008/10/12 Michael Abshoff <michael.abshoff@googlemail.com>
David Cournapeau wrote:

> Michael Abshoff wrote:

Hi David,

>> Sure, but there isn't even a 32 bit gcc out there that can produce 64
>> bit PE binaries (aside from the MinGW fork that AFAIK does not work
>> particularly well and allegedly has issues with the cleanliness of some
>> of the code which is allegedly the reason that the official MinGW people
>> will not touch the code base) .
> The biggest problem is that officially, there is still no gcc 4 release
> for mingw. I saw a gcc 4 section in cygwin, though, so maybe it is about
> to be released. There is no support at all for 64 bits PE in the 3 serie.

Yes, you are correct and I was wrong. I just checked out the mingw-64
project and there has been a lot of activity the last couple month,
including a patch to build pthread-win32 in 64 bit mode.

> I think binutils officially support 64 bits PE (I can build a linux
> hosted binutils for 64 bits PE with x86_64-pc-mingw32 as a target, and
> it seems to work: disassembling and co). gcc 4 can work, too (you can
> build a bootstrap C compiler which targets windows 64 bits IICR). The
> biggest problem AFAICS is the runtime (mingw64, which is indeed legally
> murky).

I would really like to find the actual reason *why* the legal status of
the 64 bit MinGW port is murky (To my knowledge it has to do with taking
code from the MS Platform toolkit - but that is conjecture), so I guess
I will do the obvious thing and ask on the MinGW list :)

>> Ok, that is a concern I usually do not have since I tend to build my own
>> Python :).
> I would say that if you can build python by yourself on windows, you can
> certainly build numpy by yourself :) It took me quite a time to be able
> to build python on windows by myself from scratch.

Sure, I do see your point.

Accidentally someone posted about


on the sage-windows list today. It offers a gcc 4.2 toolchain and AFAIK
there is at least a patch set for ATLAS to make it work on Interix.

> cheers,
> David



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