This is Ryan Cooper (ME professor at University of Connecticut). I've been using Numpy in my mechanical engineering courses for years now, and I'd like to build resources for newcomers to Numpy. 

Here is my proposed contribution:
Advise engineering students here at UConn to build How-to notebooks for Numpy applications. This would give the students some great experience communicating concepts and procedures to a broader community and it would help future users see how to use Numpy in different applications. 

Some How-to's that I had in mind would be:
I'm open to other suggestions. These are some of the applications that I have current students doing in engineering work. 

My question is: Would these How-to's be appopriate for the "Numpy Tutorials" ( repo? 

My personal opinion is that How-to's are easier to organize and curate (for Numpy) and easier to write (for students). 

Best Regards,

Ryan C. Cooper, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor-in-Residence
University of Connecticut
Mechanical Engineering Department
Engineering II, room 314
191 Auditorium rd
Storrs, CT 06269