I think the FortranFile class is not intended to read arrays written with the syntax 'write(11) array1, array2, array3'  (correct me if I'm wrong).  This is the use in the laboratory where I'm currently completing a phd.

I'm going to dive into struc, FotranFile etc.. to propose something convenient for people who have to read unformatted binary fortran file very often.

2009/5/28 David Froger <david.froger.info@gmail.com>
Sorry, I still don't understand how to use FortranFile ...

The fortran code

program writeArray

implicit none
integer,parameter:: nx=2,ny=5

real(4),dimension(nx,ny):: ux,uy,p
integer :: i,j

do i = 1,nx
do j = 1,ny
   ux(i,j) = 100.  + j+(i-1.)*10.
   uy(i,j) = 200. + j+(i-1.)*10.
   p(i,j) = 300. + j+(i-1.)*10.

write(11) ux,uy
write(11) p

end program writeArray

The Python script

from fortranfile import FortranFile

f = FortranFile('uxuyp.bin')

x = f.readReals()

The output

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "readArray.py", line 5, in <module>
    x = f.readReals()
  File "/home/users/redone/file2/froger/travail/codes/lib/Tests/fortranread/fortranfile.py", line 181, in readReals
    data_str = self.readRecord()
  File "/home/users/redone/file2/froger/travail/codes/lib/Tests/fortranread/fortranfile.py", line 128, in readRecord
    raise IOError('Could not read enough data')
IOError: Could not read enough dat

=> How to read the file 'uxuyp.bin' ?

2009/5/28 David Froger <david.froger.info@gmail.com>

Thank you very much :-)

2009/5/28 Neil Martinsen-Burrell <nmb@wartburg.edu>
On 2009-05-28 09:32 , David Froger wrote:
Hy Neil Martinsen-Burrell,

I'm trying the FortranFile class,

It looks like there are some bug in the last revision (7):

   * There are errors cause by lines 60,61,63 in

   * There are indentation errors on lines 97 and 113.

There seem to have been some problems in putting the file on the wiki ("Proxy-Connection: keep-alive\nCache-Control: max-age=0" seems to come from an HTML communication).  I've attached my current version of the file to this email.  Let me know if you have problems with this.  I will try to get the working version up on the wiki.  Peace,


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