Also, not to be a complete slacker, I'd like to add to this list;

- How can I help as an external lib maintainer?
- Do you even want us to get involved before the final draft? Or wait until internal discussion finishes?

On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 1:23 PM Peter Andreas Entschev <> wrote:
Hi all,

During the discussion about NEP-35, there have been lots of
discussions around the NEP process itself. In the interest of allowing
people who are mostly interested in this discussion and to avoid
drifting so much off-topic in that thread, I'm starting this new
thread to discuss the NEP procedure.

A few questions that have been raised so far:

- Is the NEP Template [1] a guideline to be strictly followed or a
suggestion for authors?
- Who should decide when a NEP is sufficiently clear?
- Should a NEP PR be merged at all until it's sufficiently clear or
should it only be merged even in Draft state only after it's
sufficiently clear?
- What parts of the NEP are necessary to be clear for everyone? Just
Abstract? Motivation and Scope? Everything, including the real
technical details of implementation?
- Would it be possible to have proof-readers -- preferably people who
are not at all involved in the NEP's topic?

Please feel free to comment on that and add any major points I might
have missed.


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