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> As far as I know, stars are the only way to render a list in
> restructured txt, otherwise it looses the list formatting.

Try a definition list?
Example below.


q, r if mode = 'full':
   - q : ndarray of float or complex, shape (M, K)
   - r : ndarray of float or complex, shape (K, N)

   K = min(M, N)

r if mode = 'r':
   - r : ndarray of float or complex, shape (K, N)

a2 if mode = 'economic':
   - a2 : ndarray of float or complex, shape (M, N)

   The diagonal and the upper triangle of a2 contains r,
   while the rest of the matrix is undefined.

Maybe handle it in a manner similar to the other sections.

q,r <> mode = 'r''
    q: [M,N] ndarray
        The columns of 'q' are orthonomal.
    r:  [K,N] ndarray
        Upper triangular array.

The "<>" standing in for "if". The indentation could be moved out.

Looks good, but what determines that this is a list, the <>? What if you want a list that does not use if's? If this can be made to work, great, but it will probably be much more robust if there's some kind of markup. Stars or dashes would not look that bad imho if there would be no need for blank lines.

Also, if someone feels like tackling this, please make multi-line list items work at the same time. See http://code.google.com/p/pydocweb/issues/detail?id=46