Hi Mohan,

While you might get responses here, you'll probably have better luck asking on the scikit-learn list. (I assume you are using scikit-learn for the svm?) That's where you'll find experts on the details of these models hanging out - this is the list for numpy itself, and numpy doesn't include svms or plotting support directly. (StackOverflow is also sometimes a good place to try for general questions that aren't really specific to any one project.)

Good luck!


On 30 Nov 2014 07:36, "Mohan Radhakrishnan" <radhakrishnan.mohan@gmail.com> wrote:
       I am a beginner.

I have 4 points and wish to plot the classifier separation line. I believe this code without the plot is correct.

Can I look at sample plotting code(with basic explanation) for this simple SVM ?

X = [[3,3], [7,2], [5,4], [8,3]]

Y = [-1, -1, 1, 1]

clf = svm.SVC(kernel='linear',C=2)


for i in range(4):

    x = np.array(X[i])[0]*clf.coef_[0][0] + np.array(X[i])[1]*clf.coef_[0][1] + clf.intercept_;

    print x

print clf.intercept_

print clf.coef_


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