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> Both look sort of okay, but are abusing the syntax.
> What do you think about the following:
> 1. Do not use lists with multiple indentation levels, it just doesn't look
> good and should not be necessary.
> 2. Use dashes for simple lists.

both fine with me, we can convert asterisks to dashes

> 3. List with multi-line items are broken only inside the Parameters/Returns
> sections. This is a bug and simply needs to be fixed. (this would fix both
> of your examples)

Does this mean if this bug gets fixed, then we wouldn't need the extra
empty lines between list items?

Yes. The following works in the Notes section, but not in Parameters:
- item one
- item two
  this is a multi-line item
- item 3

Currently, the rendering in the doc editor view for item lists has
also wrong indentation
but the html looks ok

Html looks fine indeed. It should still look like that once that bug is fixed.

Could you open a ticket for this? We need to track it somewhere.