Getting a bit OT here, but...

On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 10:46 AM, Fabien <> wrote:
thanks for the hint! I am trying to gather information about how to make
to make an interactive website with a python model running on a
webserver and making plots. There's a bunch of tools out there, it's
hard to get things sorted out.

Broadly, you have two opitons:

1) use a nifty JS interactive plotting lib, and have python as a web service that it accesses to get the data to plot. This will require a fair bi tof javascript work (or _maybe_ Brython, but I don't know how complete or robust that is)

2) Use a python lib on the server side that essentially generates the HTML/CSS/Javascript for you.
  - Bokeh looks really grat for this -- I haven't tried o\it for real yet, but the demos are pretty darn cool!
  - Matplotlib has the WebAgg back-end. not sure how robust it is either, but worth checking out.



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