Dear Scipy-ers,

If you think I should split the message so that
things get more clear...

But the things are:
1) How to document numpy-heavy projects?
2) How to better make these contributions available
to the numpy/scipy community?

Directions will be greatly appreciated.
I suspect that this info is all gathered somewhere
I did not find.

PS. I apologize for the cross-post, this is a message
sent to numpy list but without any replies, so I found
fit to send the message to both lists.

Thanks in advance,

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From: Renato Fabbri <>
Date: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 8:32 PM
Subject: doc? music through mathematical relations between LPCM samples and musical elements/characteristics
To: Discussion of Numerical Python <>

the half-shape suite:
was completely synthesized using psychophysical relations
for each resulting 16bit 44kHz samples:

I am thinking about the ways in which to make the documentation
at least to:
* mass (music and audio in sample sequences): the framework.
It might be considered a toolbox, but it is not a package:

* music: a package for making music, including the routines
used to make the half-shape suite:

It seems reasonable at first to:

* upload the package to PyPI (mass is not a package),
music is there (beta but there).

* Make available some summary of the file tree, including
some automated code documentation.
As I follow numpy's convention (or try to), and the package and framework are
particularly useful for proficient numpy users,
I used Sphinx. The very preliminary version is:

* Make a nice readthedocs documentation.
"music" project name was taken so I made:
"mass" project name was also taken so I made:

And I found these URLs clumsy. Is there a standard or would you go with and

More importantly:
* would you use readthedocs for the sphinx/doxigen
* would you use or a gitbook would be better or...?

Should I contact the scipy community to make available a scikit or
integrate it to numpy in any way beyond using and citing
it appropriately?.

BTW. I am using vimwiki with some constant attempt to organize and track
my I/O:
So maybe a unified solution for all these documentation instances
using a wiki structure seems reasonable at the moment.
Maybe upload the generated html from Sphinx and from Vimwiki
to readthedocs...?


Renato Fabbri
GNU/Linux User #479299

Renato Fabbri
GNU/Linux User #479299