On 15/08/18 19:44, Matthew Brett wrote:
My suspicion is, to the extent
that Matti and Tyler can devote time and energy to shepherding the
discussion, these will become quicker and more productive.
Since my name was mentioned ..
Even if we could implement pull requests immediately when issues are reported, and reply to all mails, careful review and community consensus take time. See for instance the merge-umath-and-multiarray PR #10915 (NEP 15) and the generalized-ufunc PR #11175 (NEP20). Progress within NumPy is and always will be slow. If there is an expectation from the community that we take a more active role in moving things forward, that is feedback we need to hear, hopefully with concrete suggestions, preferably in a separate email thread.

Whatever direction __array_function__ or other protocols take, we should create a page of links to implementations of __array_function__ (or for that matter a dtype, gufunc, ndarray, or an __array_ufunc__) so that we can gather data on how these are being used. It would also mean we could test downstream packages when changes are proposed, and we would know who to reach out to when issues arise.