I'm Anthony from Brest, Brittany, France. I've done my first PR for a documentation fix, and i'm still learning the workflow of github.
I'm looking for to participate a open source project, i'm also a free software enthousiast. I discovered numpy while I try to find a solution in engineering computational science for hobbyist to replace MATLAB where i'm against the politic of licensing. I have a degree in mechanical & design engineering and i'm a self-taugh programmer. I'm still learning python and i know the language C. I get some knowledge in system administration in linux.

I hope i can help to contribute on the code or the documentation. I never try to change a piece of code in a project, it would be my first time. I'm little bit confuse to do something wrong with a shitty code and broke something. I thing it is normal just try. 

My next step after python is learning data structure and algorithm then design pattern. I large program and i do that alone on my free time. I'm looking for a full time jobs also.

I've seen numpy library is also coded in C. It's a good point to my knowledge. I was looking for some "first issue" but i'm not sure it's easy with 27 comments after 5 years on some issues. I'm open for large project to get experience in programming. 


Anthony Le Goff