On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 6:33 PM, Katharina <Ingwer.Wurzel@gmx.net> wrote:
Hello everyone,

first, I'm really apologise for my English-skills. But I have only one
simple questions. Does NumPy work on Python3 now.
I read so many articles on the Internet, but you can only read some
speculation and not a clear state about this topic.

It works fine with Python 3.1. 

At the moment I try numpy1.5.1 on Python3.0, but I get only Errors.
If Numpy works on Python3, are the support libraries the same as by

Which support libraries? Just Lapack/Blas or Atlas should be all you need, and just "$ python3.1 setup.py install --prefix=/home/XXX/pick-a-folder" should work fine.

If you encounter a problem, please send us the exact build command you used, the build log and compiler versions.


(By the way, I use Linux (Ubuntu 9.04)) 

/With kind regards