I'm using OT package for GW, and I have a question regarding two arguments of the
ot.gromov.gromov_wasserstein function. 
What is p and q? I couldn't see them in the objective function of the GW. 

p = ot.unif(n_samples)
q = ot.unif(n_samples)

gw0, log0 = ot.gromov.gromov_wasserstein(
    C1, C2, p, q, 'square_loss', verbose=True, log=True)

gw, log = ot.gromov.entropic_gromov_wasserstein(
    C1, C2, p, q, 'square_loss', epsilon=5e-4, log=True, verbose=True)

print('Gromov-Wasserstein distances: ' + str(log0['gw_dist']))
print('Entropic Gromov-Wasserstein distances: ' + str(log['gw_dist']))