PyLadies needs more help with document translations.

We are looking to make our member registration form available in these languages: Arabic, French, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese. 

Currently the forms are in english.

Débora Azevedo from PyLadies Brasil is working on the Portuguese translation.

We're still looking for volunteers who can help translate into Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

The text to be translated are:
- Basic membership form: https://github.com/pyladies/project-admin-logisitics/blob/master/forms/basic-membership-form-en.md
- Voting membership form: https://github.com/pyladies/project-admin-logisitics/blob/master/forms/voting-membership-form-en.md

If you would like help translate, please request access to the translation Google Docs, listed at https://github.com/pyladies/global-organizing/issues/54#issue-539446132.
Alternatively, you can reply to this email, and I will share the docs with you.

If you know someone else who could help us with this effort, I would appreciate the introduction.

Thank you!

Mariatta on behalf of PyLadies