On 08/17/2018 10:56 AM, Betsy Waliszewski wrote:
Hi Pythonistas!

The PSF would love your input on sticker designs. We have a new hex-shape sticker [attach pic] and would love to get 5 more designs so that people can collect all 6.

I don't have any specific suggestion, but my general suggestion is that the stickers all form together to make a larger design, a la the British "coin shield".

British currency has seven coins: the 1£ coin, which has a shield on the back, and six coins of smaller denomination which each show a bit of the shield.  You can form the six smaller coins together to form a nearly-complete shield, as if they were windows onto a large-ish shield!
Since the coins are round they don't fit together particularly well.  So the coin designer went with that and spaced them out a little.  We don't have that problem--the hexagonal stickers will fit together superbly.  So the hexagonal stickers should each have something interesting in their own right, but also show part of a larger structure that's revealed when you get all seven and arrange them properly.