Thank you for the clarification.

Personally, I believe all candidates are very well-qualified and, combined with their enthusiasm about Python and maintaining a top-tier, open-source platform, selecting only a few is incredibly challenging.  I want to vote for them all!

The PSF is lucky to be able to select from such a group.


Mark Moretto

On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 4:15 PM David Mertz <mertz@gnosis.cx> wrote:
I am delighted to have just completed my vote for the slate of the 2020 term PSF Board.  As my personal voting strategy, I read all of the candidate statements, and nominator statements where they were made, and basically tried to come up with any reason in my mind why a given candidate was not absolutely my highest preference.  That said, even if ALL 4 seats go to folks I did not vote for, I will remain delighted by the outcome, since there are so many wonderful candidates running.

At the completion of selection (in my case, of 11 candidates), I was presented with this message:

[you under-voted: you may select up to 26]

I was, in the past, the PSF Voting Administrator, and introduced the use of Approval Voting as the election method (many years ago now).  So I get what this means, but I am concerned that the phrasing may confuse new voters, or simply those less wrapped up in election arcana.  I do not know if it is possible now to adjust that phrase slightly.

ANY number of votes, from zero to 26 is technically valid in the Approval Voting style.  It is a little bit pointless to vote for exactly 0 or exactly 26, since your vote will not affect the outcome in those cases (but it is still valid, and registers your participation).  But any number of approvals from 1 to 25 will in some manner legitimately express a differential preference.

When you vote, if you see a similar message, do not be alarmed by it.  You are given an opportunity there to adjust your votes, if you wish, but you may also simply submit your vote with your desired number of selections, and it will be valid and counted.

Yours, David...

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