The Python community needs your help. Learning how to edit events is relatively easy, though alas I have no link. I am pretty sure there is an immediate need for volunteers, so anyone who actually wants to give to the community as well as consume it should feel free to raise a hand!

If you would like to try the site's development system, there is a moderate degree of documentation about how the site works and is maintained. Any community member with access to the necessary computing resources can build the site, though I confess it is so long since I dabbled in the code myself I have little current knowledge.

I CAN say fairly confidently that working on the site and improving the documentation would be a good project to get involved with to provide evidence of a certain competence and learn some software engineering skills. Also, because the code is open source it's suitable for use in educational and community projects. People who learn it have a real chance of changing the face of

The code for the site is a great resource, and running it locally requires competence that teams and individuals can learn.

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Agree, it sure increases our UG's search engine visibility!


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