Hi Anna -

Thank you for the follow up and apologies for the delay in my response.

I attended my first PyCon conference last year. Except for the development sprints, I experienced most of the different flavors of the conference - including Tutorials, Talks, the Expo hall and Open Spaces as well as a healthy amount of volunteering (e.g., registration desk, session chair).

The entire conference experience was very transformational for me on personal level. I came to PyCon only knowing two of my colleagues who attended with me, but left with many new relationships that have continued to grow and expand since last May.

A significant part of that positive experience was the open and welcoming spirit of everyone at the conference whom I interacted with - from the conference staff and speakers to other attendees.

Open Spaces embodied that welcoming spirit in an intimate setting. I attended Open Spaces ranging from technical topics on SQL and software testing to sessions focused and non-technical subjects such as career transitioning tips and mental health. I appreciated the diversity in topics as well as the small group setting.

Other than the famed Hallway Track, Open Spaces to me are the truly unique part of being in-person at PyCon. To have a hand in stewarding that aspect of the conference would be honor and very meaningful to me.

My day job is as a database developer at an accounting firm. I started to learn Python last year before the conference to expand my knowledge set beyond "just" database languages and into something more general purpose. What has made my Python journey more fulfilling are the personal connections that I have made through attending its conferences - first PyCon in May 2018 and then PyOhio this past summer. 

Given the benefit that I have gotten out attending Python-related conferences, I am very eager to play a role in shaping that experience for others.

Hope this helps add a little bit more context. Happy to discuss further.



On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 7:14 AM Anna Ossowski <annabell.ossowski@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Jason,

Thank you for your note!

Are you familiar with the Open Spaces format? Why are you interested in volunteering for the Open Spaces?

Curious to learn more about you :)

You are appreciated.
You are enough.
You matter.
You are not alone.

On Feb 10, 2019, at 11:05 PM, Wattier, Jason Mark <jasonwattier@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi -

I wanted to express my interest in the open spaces co-chair position. 

I am registered and all set to go for PyCon 2019 and intend on attending the conference for many years to come.

Happy to discuss further the position or provide any additional information.


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