We had the best volunteers ever, so maybe that's why!

You all contribute so much, you are a crucial part of making the conference experience - your helpfulness, your smiles, always willing to help anyone find their destination it solve their problem. I am so proud to have worked with you all.

I will be happy to see you next year, those who can make it to Canada.

Kind Regards, with gratitude,

On Mar 17, 2013 8:24 PM, "Rasha Hussein" <rasharasem@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey everyone,
It was absolutely amazing to attend this event and get the chance to work with all of you and meet the amazing people I met.

I didn't think anything would beat me attending Google I/O last year, but this was by far the BEST and AWESOMEST event I ever been to.

See you next year in Canada! 

P.S Yarko, it would be great if we met again before I go back to Palestine April 3rd :)

Rasha Hussein
I am Awesome