On Thu, 18 Mar 2021 at 09:52, Pradyun Gedam <pradyunsg@gmail.com> wrote:

For anyone wondering what the $$$ numbers look like for some of the major projects in the ecosystem, this thread is a worthwhile read.

One thing I'm not clear on from this proposal is *who* would get this money. Would it go to the PSF as a "fiscal sponsor"? To be clear, I'm not asking from the POV of "I want to be paid for stuff", or "I don't want someone else to profit from my work" - I'm simply interested from the practical point of view of who benefits, and the (ethical, I guess?) POV of how transparent we are being about how people's contributions are getting converted into money.


PS To be clear, I know that what I'm doing is massively over-thinking something that's fundamentally just "yay, free money!" But I can't help feeling an additional level of responsibility when money's involved. Sorry.