This all sounds great to me. I'd prefer we start with meeting once per month and adjust from there.

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 6:33 PM Ernest W. Durbin III <> wrote:
Hello PyPA Committers!

I'd like to start discussion on a possible governance model for the PyPA.

## Summary

The model described here is what I consider a minimum viable governance for the Python Packaging Authority that would open realtime and asynchronous channels of communication for two purposes:

  - Keeping PyPA projects up to date on what one another are up to, and where they are headed.
  - Allowing the PSF Packaging Working Group insight into the PyPA's activities.

This model is intended for coordination and communication among Python Packaging Authority projects and does not have bearing on the existing project structure or governance of individual projects beyond the existing requirement of adhering to the PyPA Code of Conduct.

## Model

Recurring (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) synchronous meeting of the PyPA via a communications channel TBD.  This channel should allow for a log of discussions and some moderation.

Structure of meeting TBD, but a something along the lines of: Announcements, Old Business, New Business.

A moderator and minute-taker would be responsible for summarizing the meeting, collecting project updates, and publishing minutes and updates for archival purposes and public review. Meeting note publication method TBD.

Adherence to the PyPA Code of Conduct would be required for all attendees.

### Requirements

#### For attendance as an observer:


(Note that observers can read/watch/listen the meeting in realtime but cannot participate/speak in the meeting.)

#### For participation:

  - Maintainer of a PyPA project.
  - Contributed a summary of activity for the project ahead of meeting.
  - Contributed agenda items for Announcements or New Business.


  - Member of Python Software Foundation Packaging Working Group.

## Goals

The basic design parameters I had in mind were:

  - Maintain independence of individual PyPA projects.
  - Provide a cadence to the PyPA's communications.
  - Create an incentive for centralized reporting of PyPA project activities.
  - Provide Packaging Working Group a way to understand what is going on in various PyPA projects, to understand how and where grants could make an impact.
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