Hi folks

We're in the final stages of the PyPA becoming an organization that can receive funding via Tidelift (as a fiscal sponsoree of the PSF). We estimate that the PSF may be able to bring in nearly $2K USD per month via this model.

One of the last things we need are a few folks to offer to be designated as "lifters" for the following projects:
  • pypa/packaging
  • pypa/pip
  • pypa/pipenv
  • pypa/setuptools
  • pypa/setuptools-scm
  • pypa/twine
  • pypa/virtualenv
  • pypa/wheel
Being designated as a "lifter" means that you'll have an account on tidelift.com and will receive notifications / requests about the project in question. Ideally, at least one person with the commit bit for a given project will be a lifter.
The sort of things Tidelift may ask of us are listed at https://tidelift.com/about/lifter-tasks. (Note that this page discusses signing a legal agreement, but we don't have to do that as the PSF is entering into this agreement with Tidelift instead.)

I don't imagine the volume of requests here will be very high. (One thing we'll definitely have to do is document a security/vulnerability disclosure policy for all PyPA projects.)

If you're interested, please respond on-list with the project(s) you want to be responsible for. 

If you have questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks!