Hi everyone!

The last week, I've been talking with Matti about ways in which PyPy could be friendlier to new users, and what to do about that. One of the examples I raised in which PyPy is, in my opinion, giving newbies a hard time, is the download page.

In my opinion it's way too complicated and not geared for people who want to use PyPy but are less knowledgeable, or less interested in putting in time to understand the subtleties of JIT vs no-JIT vs STM, etc.

We discussed that maybe I should make that change and open a PR for it. I said I'm willing to do that, (and learn some Mercurial and Nikita on the way) if I know there's general support in this list to that direction of change; I expect a code review, but I want to know before I start that this change is wanted.

Here are a few of the changes I'd like to make: 
  1. Push the list of binaries to the top.
  2. Put Python 3 above Python 2.
  3. Move the instructions for building to a separate page. The intersection of the set "people who are interested in build instructions" with the set "people who have a hard time pressing an additional link to get to the build instruction" is very small indeed.
  4. I might also put icons of Windows, Mac and Linux near their respective binaries.  
  5. Ideally I would have auto-detection that gives you the binary to your OS, but I'm not sure I want to work that hard.
You get the general idea: Treating PyPy more like a finished product and less like a C library.

What do you think?