I find HTML5 overkill if you're not using JS...

On December 18, 2015 7:52:40 AM CST, Phyo Arkar <phyo.arkarlwin@gmail.com> wrote:
Best GUI for every language these days is HTML5.

Use PyPy as backend process , and use HTML5 as UI.

Check out Electron .http://electron.atom.io/ HTML5 Desktop UI that powers Atom editor. 

On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 7:09 PM, Oscar Benjamin <oscar.j.benjamin@gmail.com> wrote:
After a casual bit of googling I'm not sure what is the current status
of GUI support in PyPy. Does tkinter work with PyPy yet (It doesn't in
the version I have installed here)? Is there any other GUI that you

I'm looking to make a Python-based physics simulator that should be
able to show animations in some kind of GUI. I would like to have some
kind of web-based format as one output of this (so that results can be
shown on the web) but I'm not sure how good that would be for
interactive simulation. The physics calculations require that I need
to use either PyPy or Cython or something (not plain CPython) to get
reasonable performance.

One possibility is that I could run PyPy in a subprocess from a
CPython-based GUI which I guess is not dissimilar to getting it to
work in the browser except I get to write the front-end in Python.

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