This is more about OpenBSD than FreeBSD (I've talked to maintainers for each) but I'm curious about the requirements for building PyPy (especially 2.7 compatible) from source.

For GNU/Linux I just download the binary you provide, but OpenBSD maintainers have to build it themselves. (There was a FreeBSD binary here, 64-bit only, a long time ago.)

For FreeBSD, they have having loads of trouble because they have deprecated CPython 2.7, which they use to build PyPy. I bet you can use PyPy to build PyPy, but if you're doing everything from source that's a Catch-22 if you don't have CPython, isn't it? (You would think they would just compile from a previous binary).

I realise this email could be a bit confusing, but I assume the PyPy devs have a plan if for example, EOL CPython should disappear from official/trusted sources.

== I'm more curious about the future of building PyPy in general (on any platform) and what the PyPy devs intend to do-- mirror CPython? Is there a roadmap? == Please note, my primary attraction to PyPy is its 2.x compatibility. I've read your FAQ and it's nice and reassuring overall-- it's the details that are left out I'm curious about. There are BSD devs (from both FreeBSD and OpenBSD I think) who would love to know more.  I'd love to know whatever you can tell me about this.