Python-announce-list May 1999
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New french-speaking mailing-list about Python / Nouvelle liste de
by Olivier Berger
22 years

PyBZLib 0.02b alpha
by Laurence Tratt
22 years

New german python book (Mit Python programmieren) is out!
by Michael Scharf
22 years

README: Python-URL! - the weekly guide to Python resources (May 24)
by Mike Orr
22 years

mxCGIPython project - Update
by M.-A. Lemburg
22 years

informixdb 1.2a1
by Stephen J. Turner
22 years

win32netapi module -version 1.0beta1 (on Windows NT4/5)
by Asang Dani
22 years

Mahogany 0.22a
by Karsten Ballueder
22 years

Zope 2.0.0a1 alpha release
by Chris Petrilli
22 years

Sketch 0.6.0 - A vector drawing program
by Bernhard Herzog
22 years
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