Python-announce-list April 2007
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ANN: PyEnchant 1.2.0
by Ryan Kelly
13 years, 7 months

Call for junior PEP editors
by Barry Warsaw
14 years

Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Apr 30)
by Cameron Laird
14 years

Update to Python Quick Reference Card (for Python 2.4) (v0.67)
by Laurent Pointal
14 years

[ANN] Portable SciPy v0.1 released
by Stef Mientki
14 years

Ann: Crunchy 0.8.2
by Johannes Woolard
14 years

bbfreeze 0.92.0
by Ralf Schmitt
14 years

ANN: Webware 0.9.3 released
by Christoph Zwerschke
14 years

ANN: PyDev IDE on a Mac (New ShowMeDo)
by Ian Ozsvald
14 years

ANN: BList v 0.9.3, a list-like type with better asymptotic performance
by Daniel Stutzbach
14 years
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