I'm pleased to announce the new release (1.5) of pytemplate project, major step in its young life.
pytemplate project is a framework helping python developers at starting their program with a lightweight template, managing basic options like configuration file, logging, daemon capabilities, signal management. I believe that this project is able to help to bring development quality and speed leverage to a lot of small programs. Until a maybe wise introduction in a python release as a built-in module, the best way to use it is to introduce the source file itself in your program. You only have to import the module.

You will be able to find usage examples, to download sources at http://www.bulot.org/wiki/doku.php?id=projects:python:pytemplate, wiki page of the project. Do not hesitate to give me your feedback on the concept itself on the program usage, and on its implementation. I would be glad to share this project to improve it.

Things that have be done soon:
-Windows platform testing (not done). I'm not sure about daemon methodology and signal management.
-Python 3 portability. As far as I know, it should not be to much work.

Best regards.