SPyRE v 0.7

SPyRE is a Simple Pythonic Rendering Engine for OpenGL

Changes since v 0.6

The design is more modular, with components to handle display object group management and time-keeping/progress control, in addition to the components in prior versions to handle the environment and interface.

Engine supports multiple viewports now.

Stereoscopic module rewritten so that stereo components wrap non-stereo equivalents. New stereoscopic demos added, for both edimensional LCD glasses and red/blue glasses

The engine's 'idle' method can be a regular method or a generator method.

Engine mainloop control is via Exceptions, so that engine can be exited or restarted from a displayable object.
A test suite has been added, various bugs fixed, and the code checked in Pychecker. A couple of demos have been added.

Distribution packages has been re-organized, with demos and tests in subdirs; demos will run without installing module

Find package (.egg or .zip) at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=110483 .

Dependancies are only Python (2.3), Pygame, and PyOpenGL

David Keeney

Pitcher's Duel -> pduel.sourceforge.net