Sorry for the short notice of this schedule, but... here goes:
Sat Dec 05 - tag 3.4.4rc1
Sun Dec 06 - release 3.4.4rc1
Sat Dec 19 - tag 3.4.4 final
Sun Dec 20 - release 3.4.4 final

The reason for the short notice: we may have to change personnel for this release, and we need to work around some holiday vacation schedules too.  However, note that we have two weeks for the RC release.  Because of the short notice, I plan to be a little more flexible about changes between RC1 and final.  It also means we can pretty easily add a second RC if we need to.

Unless something amazing happens, 3.4.4 will be the final release of 3.4 with binary installers.  3.4 will also move into "security fixes only" mode at that time.

Best wishes, and again my apologies for the short notice,