Over on core-workflow we decided to try out Zulip as a "more hyper-interactive email" way to communicate (at least that's how Guido phrased it :) . We have set up https://python.zulipchat.com/ for just Python core development discussion (i.e. this is not for general Python support). People so far seem to be enjoying it and so I'm ready to open it up to a bit more by announcing it here (and if this goes well then I will announce on python-dev).

Now this is just an experiment and we still expect any important decisions that need to be discussed with everyone to happen here or on python-dev (e.g. see INADA-san's recent email about PyUnicode field deprecations which started over on Zulip but was brought over to email for wider discussion). This is also not officially part of the Python core team's communication channels like this mailing list, python-dev, or #python-dev is. But if this experiment does work out well then we will discuss over on core-workflow (and on Zulip ;) about making this more official.

Do note that the instance is rather open so you can create new streams and add bots as desired. We already have bots set up for all commits, build failures, and deployments of Bedevere and the Knights Who Say Ni (Mariatta will probably set up Miss Islington when she gets back from her break).

Anyway, feel free to log in and give it a try!