Not trying to dispute the result (I’d have posted earlier if I was really concerned), but it sounds like you’ve signed up to mentor someone for three months. Under normal circumstances, the commit bit comes at the end of mentorship, not at the start.


Should we promote other mentees as well? I know there are a few who have been deliberately pursuing this recognition (as they attended the language summit and/or were specifically requested to attend the core sprint by their mentors).


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From: Victor Stinner
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2018 10:44
To: python-committers
Subject: [python-committers] Results of Pablo's promotion votes: Pablo ispromoted as a core dev!




The result of the vote to to promote Pablo Salingo Salgado as core developer

after one week is positive: I declare that Pablo is now a core developer,

congrats! I will follow the usual process to actually make him a core dev,

and ask him to write a short introduction email to this list.


But I also noted that Pablo lacks experience to be fully autonomous on merging

pull requests, so I also requires that Pablo will have to be strictly mentored

by me for 3 months. By strict, I mean that Pablo will have to ask me to

merge any pull request. This strict mentoring may be extended depending on

Pablo's progress. As Eric Snow wrote, I vouch for Pablo: don't hesitate to

blame me directly if anything goes wrong :-)


Giving more responsibilities to Pablo is part of the learning process.

Reviewing as a core developer is different than a review as a contributor: core

developers are expected to actually merge a pull request once they approve the

change. Merging a pull request is a big responsibility and an investment in

the long-term, because the committer is expected to fix regressions and issues

related to this change for next months, if not next years.


Note: Cheryl Sabella has also been identified as an active contributor who may

be promoted as well. I am already discussing with her about that for 1 month,

but last month, Cheryl chose to wait. I will keep you in touch ;-)


Vote results.


Promote (+1): 8 votes


* Victor Stinner

* Terry Reedy

* Carol Willing

* Gregory P. Smith ("+0.5")

* Eric Snow

* Brett Cannon

* Nathaniel Smith

* Antoine Pitrou ("+0.5")


Wait (-1): 1 vote


* Berker Peksağ


Neutral (0): 1 vote


* Serhiy Storchaka ("-0")




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