Hi there,
Mariatta and I are about to kick off preparations for the Language Summit at PyCon US this year. We've been doing this since 2019 and we feel like passing the baton to new people in 2022. We don't want to start planning anything before we have 2 people lined up to cover this post for 2022.

Interested? Get in touch with us before Jan 18th!

You can expect the following responsibilities if another remote Summit comes along:
- write e-mails (invitations, talk acceptance and rejections, reminders);
- set up video conferencing tech;
- herd cats in terms of talk preparation;
- moderate the event while it's happening.

In-person Summits have different expectations:
- you don't have to do so much in terms of video conferencing; but
- you get to herd cats in real life in terms of talk slides; as well as
- organize the physical space, including making sure catering works for the attendees.

In any case, you should not expect the Spanish inquisition. Joking aside, we really hope to hear from you. This will make things much easier than the "kidnap and blackmail" Plan B we outlined with Mariatta last week. You have no idea how annoying international travel restrictions are these days.

Mariatta and Łukasz

PS. If you're a committer just wondering about the Language Summit: yes, it's happening! It's going to be another Zoom-driven experience but hopefully we'll get to see each other in real life next year! This year it will again be split into two days: May 11th (Tuesday before the conference), and May 12th (Wednesday before the conference). Four hours each, different times each to make sure that the world of Python stays connected despite timezone challenges. Invitations, forms, and everything are coming up but we want our new 2022 chairs to be able to shadow us during this process.

PS2. "Wait, what is the Language Summit?" Glad you asked! The Python Language Summit is an event for the developers of Python implementations (CPython, PyPy, Jython, and so on) to share information, discuss our shared problems, and — hopefully — solve them. One of the goals of the Language Summit is to speed up the discussions and decision making process as communication over Discourse and mailing lists is generally more time consuming.