Thanks a lot for this feature, Pablo.

Also, thanks in general for being a custodian of the build bots and CI.

On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 1:09 PM Pablo Galindo Salgado <> wrote:
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## Testing PRs with buildbots :robot: 

After some work (and updating the buildbot server to Python3.8), I am happy to announce that after some work, is now possible to test a Pull Request with the buildbot fleet on demand by just adding a simple label (:hammer: test-with-buildbots):

When you add this label to an existing Pull Request:

* A build will be immediately triggered in a selected subset of the stable buildbots. Every buildbot will report to the PR the build status (like Travis, Azure Pipelines...etc). 

* As long as the label is in the Pull Request *every new commit to the pr will be tested with the buildbots* in the same way that Travis or Azure Pipelines test every commit that is pushed to the PR.

* Clicking the "Details" link in the GitHub status will bring you to the builder page if you want to read logs or see the build live.

* The checks are *not required* to merge the PR. This means that if you decide so, you can proceed and merge the PR even if a buildbot is failing (for example, if the failure is unrelated to the PR).

In the [buildbot page]( you can distinguish all the builders that are building PRs by a new `Pull Request` label.

## When to use the new label :man_student:  

Using the buildbots before merging will be especially useful in the following situations:

* You are reviewing a big C PR and you want to make sure that there are no refleaks by using the refleak-detection builders. These builders take more time but will tell you if the PR has some sneaky reference leaks. :medal_sports:

* You want to make sure that the PR builds on all platforms. We have a big collection of platforms (various versions of Windows, macOS, Linux distros) and configurations (debug, non-debug, PGO/LTO, LTO, clang sanitizers...) and if you want to make sure that a PR that you suspect may behave differently by platform (like adding new POSIX functions) will not break later, is a good practice to test with the buildbots first.

* Because you don't want us to suffer afterwards if your PR fails on some obscure platform ;)

## Notes

* Each individual builder has a limited amount of PRs that can be tested simultaneously (depends on the builder) so it may take a while to start building your PR. So please, be patient! You can check the status of all builders in the [buildbot page]( :mantelpiece_clock:

* Remember that the buildbots are donated machines, so remember to be a good citizen and double-check the code of the PR before adding the label.

This new addition should allow you to gain confidence when merging a PR with minimum impact in your existing workflow and effort. If you have any feedback or feature request, go ahead and tell us :)

Kind regards from rainy London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado
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