13.06.18 19:43, Terry Reedy пише:
On 6/13/2018 12:16 PM, Victor Stinner wrote:
I propose to promote Pablo Salingo Salgado as a core developer and so
open a vote during one week. If there is no strong opposition, I will
promote him but also continue to mentor him for a least one month.

Pablo is contributing frequently to Python since almost one year. He
added os.preadv()/pwritev() to Python 3.7 and os.posix_spawn() to
Python 3.8. I am now waiting for his os.copy_file_range() function! x
(Others are working on it.)

I am mentoring Pablo Salingo Salgado since January. I am watching his
hard work since last September. He made many non trivial and useful
contributions to Python.

I think that he understands well how Python is developed, is
respectful, try to find answers alone before asking, and is eager to
learn. In case of doubt, he ask others before doing something, like
closing an issue. I trust that Pablo will respect opinions of others,
like not merging a PR if someone disagree.

Pablo's merged PR:

This includes closed without merging.

And reverted PRs. Adding ensure_disabled() (bpo-31356) was reverted because the implementation caused crash and core developers have doubts about usefulness of this feature at all. Adding posix_spawn() (bpo-20104) was reverted in 3.7 because it was incomplete and had many bugs. It was left in 3.8, and the work of completing and fixing it in process. PR 4003 has long review history, the final merged version is very different from the initial one. Many of other PRs are documentation fixes.

I think Pablo will be good core developer and
agree with the description given by Victor. But it seems that he still needs to learn something about what changes are good for Python.