I've now pushed the 3.5.0 beta 1 release-engineering checkins to hg.python.org.  At the same time I did this, I also created the 3.5 branch.

Quick FAQ:

Q: Where should I check in bugfixes for 3.5?
A: In the "3.5" branch.  You should also merge them forward into "default".

Q: Where should I check in new features for 3.5?
A: You sillyhead!  New features aren't allowed for 3.5 anymore, it's in feature freeze.

Q: What is "default" now?
A: "default" is now 3.6.  Meaning, you can now start on new features for 3.6!  You don't have to wait until 3.5 final is released, like how we used to do it.

Q: What's all this about bitbucket and push requests?
A: We don't start doing that until 3.5.0 release candidate 1.  Don't worry about it for now.  When the time comes, I'll post instructions here and to the devguide.

A new day is dawning,