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First of all, sorry for bringing up an old thread. 
I know this is an uncomfortable topic, and I also wish that we can just avoid it, but ... I think we gotta do something about it.

I understand why Brett did what he did, and I support his decision.

I do agree with Raymond's point, that going forward, we should have a procedure in place, we all need to know what the rules are, and how to play by the rules. 

Communities like Django Project and Write The Docs have clear enforcement manuals on what to do in case of CoC violation:

Can we adopt something like that to our community, or do we have this already?
If it requires involvement with the PSF board, who could bring this to their attention? (I'm new I don't know how these things work yet)

It should not require PSF involvement. Enforcing violation of the CoC is up whichever group applied the CoC and how it factors into the medium it's being applied to, so I think we just do that right here. That's partly why the CoC itself says nothing about consequences, as the myriad of environments this could be (and is) applied to vary, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what happens when it's violated.