On behalf of the Python development community, I'm pleased to finally announce the availability of Python 3.5.10rc1.

Python 3.5 is in "security fixes only" mode.  This new version only contains security fixes, not conventional bug fixes, and it is a source-only release.

Important Notice: The latest releases of Linux (Ubuntu 20.04, Fedora 32) ship with a new version of OpenSSL.  New versions of OpenSSL often include upgraded configuration requirements to maintain network security; this new version no longer finds Python 3.5's OpenSSL configuration acceptable.  As a result, most or all secure-transport networking libraries are broken in this release on systems where this new version of OpenSSL is deployed.  This means, for example, that seven (7) of the regression tests in the test suite now regularly fail.  Older versions of Linux, with older versions of OpenSSL installed, are unaffected.  We're aware of the problem.  Unfortunately, as 3.5 is nearly completely out of support, it has become very low priority, and we've been unable to find the resources to get the problem fixed.  It's possible that these problems simply won't be fixed in 3.5 before it reaches its end-of-life.  As always we recommend upgrading to the latest Python release wherever possible.

You can find Python 3.5.10rc1 here: